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Using solar energy facilitated by a roof mounted Solar PV panel system allows you to take control of your future energy needs now!

Install a Solar PV system and you will benefit from...

  • Gain access to 'free' electricity - saving you money on your bills
  • Gain an index linked, 25 year guaranteed line of revenue - government backed to pay for the costs of installation and generation; and includes payment for exported energy that other families can use
  • Reduce your carbon foot print - Solar Power is green and clean


Your house will 'pull' power preferentially from the panels when they are generating. When the Sun is out your panels will be generating electricity constantly which you can use to power any domestic electrical or electronic appliance. The amount you have to use is dependent on the size of your installation and of course the brightness of the Sun – cool, clear winter days are often more productive hour for hour than warm summer hazy days. You may need to change your lifestyle a little – controlling dishwashers via timer switches if you are out! But the more you can use up in the day the less you will draw down from the Grid and pay for.

The Feed-in-Tariff incentive from the UK government facilitated by the major energy suppliers will give you a source of revenue from the micro-generation of clean, green solar electricity  - guaranteed for 25 years, index linked and tax free. Every unit of electricity your solar panels generate will gain you income. This should pay for your installation in around 10 years - giving you your initial investment back and then carry on for a further 15 years minimum. This is well within the life span of your installation and means you could see a return on investment of 10% annually over the 25 years.

The FIT is in two parts – generated units and exported units. One fee is paid for every generated unit and an extra amount is then paid for power deemed to have been exported – usually 50% of what is generated.

Even if there was no FIT there is still an argument for installing Solar panels. The Earth is warming and many experts think that CO2 is causing an acceleration of this. Governments around the world are committed to reducing their CO2 emissions. The UK is no exception and one of the driving reasons behind the FIT scheme was to encourage people to switch to cleaner power generation. The UK government are looking at longer term, cleaner, large scale energy production schemes but Solar PV offers a reasonably priced short, medium and long term contribution, now! Every household with a suitable roof can help!

So in summary – the benefits you can expect...

Home generated electricity - meaning less reliance on the National Grid

An index linked, tax free 25 year revenue - being paid for the power you generate, off-setting the cost of installation and set up as a UK micro-generator

A significant contribution to reducing CO2 emissions - every little helps!