Job Automation Isn't As Bad As You Might Think

Job automation took over manufacturing, and it's beginning to happen with other fields as well. Many people wonder whether this technological progress is actually progress at all: is it taking more jobs that it creates? Repetitive and manual jobs are at risk. But, jobs that are replaced by technology have many major benefits.

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Temporal Discounting

It describes temporal discounting as “down-weighting costs and benefits that occur in the future” and is seen as a common practice in global capitalism (York). In other words, temporal discounting is the idea of writing this edubirdie review increases with little to no thought on environmental or social impacts of future generations. Temporal discounting negatively impacts the environment with quick short-lived burst of economic growth. Industries that can be considered temporal discounting industries include coal mining, mountain top removal (MTR), and fracking. All these industries (coal mining, MTR, and fracking) leave the land ruined for future generations and leave local communities social wellbeing shattered. Coal mining is dangerous and not well regulated causing dangerous mine collapses to occur.

One such collapse was the Farmington West Virginia Mine collapse in 1968 that cost 78 miners their lives due to the safety checks being waived by money the owners threw at inspectors. Coal mines were also dangerous to the miner’s health causing diseases such as “Black Lung” seen in the Harlan county film. The miners were not compensated or helped with their medical expenses from the disease because the mine doctors and researchers said the mines did not cause the “Black Lung” disease according to edubirdie reviews. This saved money for the capitalist mine owners but devastated the local social wellbeing of the community. MTR which took over most traditional coal mining later in the century with industrialization caused many negative environmental changes. Once huge majestic mountain ranges were reduced to rolling hills of dirt in order to reach the coal that laid underneath the rock. With the loss of the mountains the Appalachian region that was subject to MTR lost its tourist potential...

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